President's Message

We became a member of the Soft99 Group 17 years ago in December 1999. If we count the period when we used to be a Kanebo, Ltd. company, we have more than 60 years of experience as a pioneer of PVA sponges. We have been providing many cleaning, water absorbent, polishing, and wiping material products for industrial material applications and other applications for items used in everyday life to meet our customers’ needs.

  The theme of the Soft99 Group’s new mid-term management plan, which started in April 2017 is “SHIFT DOWN!!” In anticipation of significant changes in the future, the Soft99 Group aims to jump into new markets and create new markets while strongly accelerating our business after downshifting, like when driving a car. At AION, we are promoting “New Demand Creation (NDC) Activities” in order to achieve this theme. These activities are intended to create totally new demand ourselves through our six approaches for doing so—new products, new distribution, new proposals, new customer acquisition, new applications, and new markets. By achieving sound growth and aggressively expanding the markets for industrial materials and lifestyle-related items inside and outside Japan as a result of these activities, we plan to build a management foundation that is less likely to be influenced by the nature of particular businesses.

The following represent our management philosophy (company policy):

  • Have a mission to be independent and upright (work actively to increase our presence in the 21st century world)
  • Create world-class products (aim to develop products that satisfy the needs of customers around the world from a global viewpoint)
  • Conform to society and be in harmony with the natural environment (foster respect for people and environment)

With the company slogan of “Provide customers with a sense of security and earn their trust,” we are working on production, development, and sales activities. We will strive to grow into a global company by meeting the diverse needs of our customers around the world.

We appreciate your continued support.

Toshiyuki Konishi, Representative Director and President
AION Co., Ltd.