AION PO Sponge Roller

AION PO Sponge Roller

Olefin-based sponge roller with outstanding liquid absorption, which can be used even in strong acid and strong alkaline solutions

PO Sponge Roller provides superb resistance to both strong acid and strong alkaline solutions.
PO Sponge Roller exhibits remarkable liquid absorbing performance by continuous microscopic porous structure.
Because of soft sponge, PO Sponge Roller marvelously follows the contour of workpiece.
Because of sponge of integral structure, PO Sponge Roller is free of any fray like nonwoven or felt.

Uses, Industries and Targets

Absorption:Liquid draining in plating and etching processes of printed-wiring boards, lead frames, etc.
Absorption,Conveyance,Application:Liquid draining, conveyance, and application in manufacturing process of various components.

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