AION PU Sponge

AION PU Sponge

This special urethane sponge has a continuous fine pore structure, high porosity and good water absorption, heat resistance, and chemical resistance allowing it to be used in a wide range of environments.

Good water absorption and retention, and wear resistance. Special urethane sponge of continuous pore structure that does not readily hydrolyze.
Can be supplied in roller, sheet and block form, therefore the sponges can be used in all sorts of production machinery and devices.
This sponge has a rigidity that PVA sponges cannot match and is capable of removing foreign materials that are almost fixed to the item to be cleaned.
Unlike PVA sponges, this sponge remains soft when dry, has good water absorption and retention properties, and is easy to maintain.
Its good heat resistance allows this sponge to be used at an ambient temperature of 100C or in hot water at 100C.

Uses, Industries, and Targets

Washing:Electronic components (Hard disks, silicon wafers, semiconductor devices, photomasks, glass panels for LCD, FPD, etc.)
Moisture absorption:Glass (construction and automotive), electronic components (printed circuit boards and lead frames), vehicles (tires and floor mats), food products (packaged foods, glass bottles and laver), resin and film
Application:Resin, film (release agent and antistatic agent), paper (water-soluble adhesive)

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