AION PVA Wiping materials,a material of superb dust collecting and water absorbing properties,was made into a thin and lightweight mop to further develop its functions.

Being light and thin, it handles easily.
Mounting and dismounting of sponge is done easily by a one-touch bindermechanism .
With its ability to absorb water instantly, it is highly effective in floor cleanings by water.
By the excellent dust collecting ability, it traps particles without fail.
No generation of wastes or lint makes it an ideal mop for use in clean rooms.
Washable and reusable properties make it very economical.

Standard specification,Main uses.

Standard specification:Article No, Mop-head width, Handle length
(1)Article No:MFM-S, Mop-head width:450(mm),Handle length:1300(mm)
(2)Article No:MFM-L, Mop-head width:600(mm),Handle length:1300(mm)
Replacement sponge:Article No,Size
(1)Article No:SM-SK(For MFM-S),Size:500x200x4(mm)
(2)Article No:FM-SK(For MFM-L),Size:650x200x4(mm)
Main uses
Clean rooms (electronic components, food products, hospitals, etc.), factories.

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