AION Sponge Stick

AION Sponge Stick

The sponge head is made of 2 kinds of material: one is PVA which is lint-free, supple and hydrophilic, and the other is PU which is also durable in alcoholic conditions.

The sponge is made of PVA or PU which has continuous open pores. It removes the particles from substrate effectively and does not drip as much. It is available for cleaning, painting and coating.
The unique shape of sponge edge easily cleans not only flat surfaces but also uneven surfaces and corners.
Sponge is fixed on the rod without any adhesive, therefore part will not be contaminated by adhesive by product.
The length of rod can easily be changed by snapping rod at joint to reduce size to required length.
The flexible sponge head touches the substrate very softly and smoothly. The sponge head can be laid horizontally to decrease time taken to clean surface of substrate.
(Article: BSD-010, BSC-010)
The Sponge Sticks are packed in the lidded plastic hard case, therefore they are easily accessible and kept in a clean environment after the case is opened.

Main Uses,Article number,Material,Notabilia

Main UsesCleaning of electronic devices, various substrates, precision equipment, plastic parts and components.

Article number/Material of Sponge/Outer diameter of sponge x Length of sponge/Packing unit
(1)BSD-010/PVFM(PVA Sponge)/2.5x15mm/50pieces
(2)BSD-020/PVFM(PVA Sponge)/4x20mm/50pieces
(3)BSC-010/PU(Polyurethane Sponge)/2.5x15mm/50pieces
(4)BSC-020/PU(Polyurethane Sponge)/4x20mm/50pieces

Rod Material(Fixed Tube Material)/ Entire Length

BSD series (PVA )
The PVA sponge is hard in dry condition (Dry state packing). Before using, immerse in clean (DI) to soften sponge for best result.

BSD/ BSC series (PVA & PU)
To avoid damage, do not scrub or insert into small openings, and do not pull on the sponge.
Before using, wash out the sponge with clean (DI) water for best result.

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