Plas Senu Embossed type

Plas Senu Embossed type

Emboss is the best balanced chamois to absorb water, with smooth slide and durability. 3Sheets Value Pack of Plas Senu Embossed type is recommended to be used for different parts such as body, window and room.
Embossed Plas Senu is the best chamois for absorbing water. Economical and convenient for multiple purpose.

Material,Item no,Size,Color

Polyvinyl Alcohol SpongeAPolyester
Item NO, Size, Color
L301, Lsize approx.690x430mm, Color:Blue/Yellow/Pink
R302, Rsize approx.430x325mm, Color:Blue/Yellow/Pink
S303, Ssize approx.430x225mm, Color:Blue/Yellow/Pink
R322-TK, Size approx.430x325mm, Color:Blue/Yellow/Pink

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