AION PVA Microbe Carriers

AION PVA Microbe Carriers

This microbe carrier has porosity, a continuous fine pore structure, high abrasion resistance, and a high affinity with microbes. It can be used with air cleaning systems and wastewater treatment systems.

Excellent features as a microbe carrier, including high affinity with microbes and continuous fine pore structure, enables very efficient processing.
It can be used for a long time because of its high abrasion resistance and resistance to microbe decomposition. Since this will reduce the time and cost needed for replacing or replenishing the microbe carrier, it is an economical product.
It comes in both a soft type, which gets softer when wet, and a hard type, which maintains its hardness even when wet. Since each type comes in a range of pore sizes, this carrier can be used for diverse applications.
His microbe carrier itself will not emit harmful gases when burned.

Uses, Industries, and Targets

Processing to clean waste water , liquid waste and deodorization processing

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