Variety of AION Chamois

Aion has been developing various type of chamois surface treatment, seeking further improvement of water-absorbent, sliding, and durability.

Flat Type

Long selling chamois in overseas market.
Soft and supple, offers high water absorbing performance and quick sliding

Uses, Industries and Targets


Exclusive emboss surface processing offers smooth sliding, eliminating frictional resistance. Most popular in Japan market.


Low Friction Type

Exclusive treatment on chamois surface enables super light touch and quick wiping. Very popular in overseas market.


Curving Type

Thickness and suppleness upgraded.
Offers improved water absorbing property and smooth sliding.
Aion logo put on chamois using exclusive high technology.
Very popular in overseas market.


Etching Type

Real leather like treatment of chamois offers best performance as cleaning tool for glass window, mirror and panel of cars.
Offers very quick and smooth application on car body.