AION PVA Sponge Be-Fine (Improved clean factor/particle)

AION PVA Sponge Be-Fine (Improved clean factor/particle)

This PVA sponge, made with a new technique, has improved cleanliness and is tough while also being soft and supple.

To improve clean factor, this PVA sponge is made with a new technique that does not make use of pore forming agents.
Good physical properties required of cleaning and wiping materials, such as tensile strength and tear strength.

Uses, Industries, and Targets

Washing:Electronic components (Hard disks, silicon wafers, semiconductor devices, photomasks, glass panels for LCD, FPD, etc.)
Wiping:Clean rooms (electronic components, food products, hospitals, etc.), factories, electronic/opticaldevices, workbenches, etc.

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