AION PVA Sponge Roller

AION PVA Sponge Roller

This PVA sponge roller, which has been used in a variety of industries for a long time, is highly valued for its excellent water absorption and cleaning performance.

Roller-shaped PVA sponge
Can continuously absorb water by pressing against works and rotating.
This high toughness single-piece material is very flexible and elastic, therefore it does not fray like down or thread, and there is no reason to worry about damaging works.
Unlike ordinary brushes, the whole contact surface of the roller touches the item to be cleaned enabling thorough and consistent cleaning.
Options include a type consisting of only a sponge without a core and other types that are bonded to a PVC pipe or a customer-supplied metal core (mainly made of SS).

Uses, Industries, and Targets

Washing:Electronic components (Hard disks, silicon wafers, semiconductor devices, photomasks, glass panels for LCD, FPD, etc.)
Moisture absorption:Glass (construction and automotive), electronic components (printed circuit boards and lead frames), vehicles (tires and floor mats), food products (packaged foods, glass bottles and laver), resin and film
Application:Resin, film (release agent and antistatic agent), paper (water-soluble adhesive)

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