AION PVA Sponge W(Wet) and D(Dry)Series

AION PVA Sponge W(Wet) and D(Dry)Series

PVA Sponge sheet and block that have plural article of different pore size,and easily change the shape by cutting,slicing,making hole etc. Therefore are available for various uses in absorption.

Sheet or block-shaped PVA sponge
When drying, it's hard, but when water is given, it becomes soft. When including water, it's flexible with the soft texture.
Good workability. Can be punched, cut or worked other ways, as well as shaped and sized to match equipment.

Uses, Industries, and Targets

Washing:silicon wafers, semiconductor devices, photomasks,Hard disks,
Wiping:Clean rooms (electronic components, food products, hospitals, etc.), factories, electronic/opticaldevices, workbenches, etc.
Absorption, Application:Motor oil, Test reagents (chemical agents), pads for low frequency medical instruments (water)

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