Plas Chamois

Plas Chamois

Representative PVA chamois of Aion, which is very popular in overseas market. Offers very good water absorption with quick slide. Soft and durable.
Newly developed Low Friction Type PVA Chamois offers light touch and very easy, speedy wiping. Easy to squeeze, smooth feeling to hands. Available for wipe and cleaning of car, boat and building maintenance.

Material,Item Name,Size,Color

Polyvinyl Alcohol Sponge,Polyester
Item Name, Size, Color
L size approx.690x430mm:Color:Yellow
L size approx.690x430mm: Color:Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange,Red,Violet,Pink
R size approx.430x325mm:Color:Yellow
R size approx.430x325mm: Color:Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange,Red,Violet,Pink

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