AION PVA Sponge A-series

AION PVA Sponge A-series

This PVA sponge, supplied in sheet and block form, has good liquids(except water) absorption, filtering, and noise reduction properties due to its continuous pore structure featuring high porosity.

Sheet or block-shaped PVA sponge.
Water-resistant PVA sponge, therefore it retains its shape without softening when wet.
This PVA sponge has a continuous pore structure featuring high porosity. Multiple pore sizes with different product numbers for each type are available. This product can be used for a wide range of applications including filtering materials, noise reduction materials, and liquids(except water) absorption materials, by taking advantage of its characteristics.
Good workability. Can be punched, cut or worked other ways, as well as shaped and sized to match equipment.

Uses, Industries and Targets

Moisture Absorption and Impregnation:
Printers, office supplies (ink), motors (oil), test reagents (chemical agents)
Shipbuilding (flushing oil and engine oil), home appliances (kerosene for fan heaters), pneumatic equipment (sound-deadening materials), compressors, particle transfer/coating (fluid plates)

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