AION Grindingstones for Wet Grinding

AION Grindingstones for Wet Grinding

These are elastic grinding stones that maintain stable grinding performance for a long time and produce surfaces finished to a high degree of consistency and precision. They can do this thanks to their highly porous structure that allows them to retain many abrasive grains.

Thanks to the excellent resistance of the bonding material,AION Grindstones leave no visible scars on the workpiece surfaces,promising a high precision finish.
High porosity structure allows low heat generation and rare occurrence of clogging, so that stable grinding property can be maintained.
By varying characteristics of the bonding material or the grain size, AION Grindstones can be applied to diversified uses, including different fields of precision processing.

Uses, Industries and Targets

Aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, etc.
Roll grinding:
Copper rollers for gravure, resin rollers
Flat grinding:
Marble, plate glass, mirror sides
Cylindrical grinding:
Magnetic heads

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