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A-Series AION PVA Sponges

PVA sponge (porous-constitution) sheets and blocks that, having enhanced porosity and a microfine reticulated-foam structure, demonstrate outstanding performance including absorption/retention and low-pressure-drop filtration of solutions in high volumes.
  • Never becoming squishy, A Series AION Sponges retain their shape when moistened (in a wetted state).
  • Thanks to their reticulated-foam porous constitution having enhanced porosity, these sponges can be employed in a wide range of applications—as fluid-wicking media, impregnation media, sorbent storage articles, and filtration media. (Owing to the sponges' lack of hydrophilicity, they are not suited to water-wicking applications.)
  • Excelling in processability, A Series AION Sponges can be machined into a variety of forms.
  • Since the resin polymers in the sponges are of unitary structure, they are free of the fluffing and fibrous debris issues that occur with fibrous sponge materials.

PVA Sponges (Polyvinyl Formal: PVF)

A Series AION Sponges Self-Inking Stamp Photo

A Series AION Sponges Printer Photo

Liquid absorption, impregnation: Printers, stationery, office supplies (inks), diagnostic reagents (pharmaceuticals), motors (oils)
Filtration: Air/gas (air filters), water (water purifiers), flushing oils (watercraft engines), kerosene (fan heaters, etc.), mineral oils of all kinds
Sound attenuation: Pneumatic instruments, compressors
Fluidizing plate: Powder transport, powder coating


Our moisture-absorbing rollers are employed by pressure contacting them on the object being washed. By the moisture-absorbing rollers being further compressed at the point when the object enters between the rollers, water is squirted out, and at the point when the moisture-absorbing rollers are separated from the object, water is absorbed. By repeating the squirting out and absorbing of water, the rollers do not saturate, continuously absorbing moisture.

While it depends on the type, concentration, and temperature of the solution, and how the solution is used, we have sponges of outstanding resistance to chemicals available.

Yes, we do. Our PVA sponge products (including AION's A, D & W Series sponges, and our PVA sponge Rollers), and AION's Polyolefine sponges may be employed.

Situations where moisture absorption is necessary over and under the work require employing rollers above/below, but if the moisture absorption is to be only on the upper side of the work, employing only an upper-side roller is fine.

With AION's PVA sponges, toxic-substance emission during combustion is nonexistent.

Please contact us via our inquiry sheet. A sales representative from the relevant business division will get in touch with you.

Custom-specifying the thickness is possible, although some cases will give rise to by-the-lot orders.
However, the sponges will be of a thickness that is thinner than that of the parent-material bolt.

We recommend A's polyurethane sheet/roller sponges.

AION's A series and D Series and AION's polyurethane sponges have demonstrated proven results, but depending on the ingredients of the ink, the material properties can change. Also, given that there are use situations requiring elasticity, please inquire with sales at AION.

Although our sponges cannot be employed with adhesives that harden in a short time, they may be employed in the application/transfer of water-soluble adhesives whose hardening speed is slow and that can be washed out of the sponges.

While the product will differ depending on the use conditions, AION's A series and D Series and AION's polyurethane sponges have demonstrated proven results.

They may be employed with water-soluble liquids.

AION's polyolefine sponge sheets (PE model and EVA model) and AION's polyolefine sponge rollers (T model) are acetone-resistant.

Please inquire with sales at AION.

While it will depend on the shape, we can customize our sponges and deliver them to you. As to whether your customization would be possible, please inquire with sales at AION.

Since that will differ depending on the product and its dimensions, please inquire with sales.

Yes, AION complies. But if you need a documented answer, please inquire with sales.

While the sizes of the parent-material bolts are fixed, we have some that correspond, so please inquire with sales.

It depends on the extent and condition of the stains, so please inquire with sales at AION.

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